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The late Conservative MP Sir John Hunt Sir Teddy Taylor: 18 April 1937 - 20 September 2017 The ardent eurosceptic, who died aged 80 in September, was one of the most eloquent and recognisable Conservative MPs of his generation. After a spell in journalism and as a councillor in his native Glasgow, he first entered Parliament as MP for Glasgow Cathcart in 1964. Aged 27, he was the youngest member of the Commons at the time. He lost his seat in the 1979 election, but bounced back a year later by winning a by-election in the Essex seaside resort of Southend - but the 1979 setback was to prove a pivotal moment in his career. Margaret Thatcher had been expected to appoint him to her cabinet as secretary of state for Scotland - he had shadowed the job in opposition for four years - if he had won that year. As it turned out, he never served again. His support for the death penalty, corporal punishment and Enoch Powell's campaign to stop immigration put him at odds with many in his party. However, Sir Teddy's views on Europe were in many ways ahead of his time as far as his party was concerned. One of the original Tory eurosceptics, he resigned as a junior Scottish Office minister when Ted Heath took the UK into the then European Economic Community in 1973 and campaigned against the Common Market and EU membership for the rest of his life, living long enough to see the UK vote to leave.

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