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Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa "She gave the world a lot more credit than it deserves," Springsteen observed, heading to the piano for an achingly tender The Wish . Image caption The show concentrates on the foundations of Springsteen's career Springsteen also played the rock and roll preacher, naturally, applying a shrewdly scaled-down version of the shamanistic intensity that has whipped packed stadiums into frenzies. The script used winking but seductive repetition, with playful references to the pleasures of the flesh, as well as the general promises of youth - captured in exhilarating readings of Thunder Road and The Promised Land . As the show progressed, though, the emphasis shifted to more mature concerns and rewards. It's here that Springsteen's ability to open his heart and transcend sentimentality - as the most affecting rock and musical theatre artists almost invariably do - came to the fore. Back at the piano for a muscular Tenth Avenue Freezeout , he held forth without reserve about late E Street Band sax hero Clarence Clemons. Joined by wife and fellow E Street member Patti Scialfa for two songs, he chose to wrap with Brilliant Disguise , an account of the frailty of love, written while Springsteen was married to another woman, made all the more poignant by a couple that has survived it. Politics did not go entirely unmentioned; after noting that folk don't like rock stars advising them on such matters, Springsteen made reference to "the mess we're in" - embellishing that observation with a colourful adjective, but avoiding the T-word. Nodding to an era when his lyrics were twisted by another president, Springsteen introduced Born in the USA with blistering, Eastern-flavoured chords (the show's most flamboyant demonstration of his guitar virtuosity), then sang the first lines a cappella, his voice raw and weary. But that's plainly not the USA Springsteen chooses to see, or represent. One of the evening's most rousing numbers was The Rising, an account of courage, sacrifice and, yes, transcendence that was the title track of an album Springsteen released less than a year after 9/11.

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I knew what people were looking for.” A League of Our Own is not just a hat company. According to their  website's mission statement : “Baseball caps are usually made for the male audience, A League of Our Own has tailored hats just for women. Our feminine design starts with college women who are in a position to evoke change. We strive to influence and empower our community to create the lives that they want to lead.” Reynolds added their focus is to empower women and disrupt the male-dominated realm of sports. Gedeon and Reynolds are not the only students shaking up the game day apparel scene. LSA sophomore Kate Vargo also created her own brand, Tees by K-Tee, which she operates out of the basement of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house. “It’s really nice to just be able to make them whenever I want. I’m not on anyone else’s schedule,” Vargo said. “I like to do it, I’m not a business person, but it’s been really fun.” Vargo makes her designs using the Cricut, a do-it-yourself crafting tool, and then prints them out on her cutting machine. With the hot press that she keeps in her sorority’s basement, she puts the design onto shirts. The  Tees By K-Tee website  is live, but Vargo said she is working on redesigning it so it displays more of her styles.

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